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Randy Swart's Home Page

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This is the personal Web page of Randy Swart from
Arlington, Virginia, USA. It is here so that old
friends can find me and people can Google me.

Some of my pages:

My day-job. BHSI logo

And some kind words from Consumer Reports about my work.

History of Barcroft, the neighborhood where I live

My Arlington History Bicycle >Ride

Wildlife in our Arlington back yard

Our tandem trip to the UK in 2009.

Our Christmas card for 2009

An amazing trip to the Netherlands to visit the Swart family.

Our vacation to the Dordogne region of France

Our Packing list for three week tandem trips

A great weekend at Becky's on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

A visit to Maryland's largest known tree with Joe and Mary Howard in 2012.

Visitors from the UK - the Hankey's.

Visitors from France - Dr. Mas and his group of French cyclists.

One way to calculate bicycle gearing.

Here's my page about four-wheeled bicycles.

Info on Bike Boulevards along Columbia Pike.

Some Swart family genealogy

My high school class: James Monroe High School Class of '61

And the other Randy Swarts

There is another Randy Swart in the Netherlands. He and his family found
us on the Internet and came for a visit! This photo is from that first 1998 visit.

The two Randy Swarts

Randy Swarts

Randy Swart was accompanied by his mother, Marian, father, Rob
and sister, Heather on that first visit. Grandmother Joke and
Grandfather Gerry came too on the second visit in 2002. They
brought us a nice Dutch flag to fly on the King's Birthday. Here
is the page Rob put up while they were here and he was
learning html, with all the photos of their two visits. We visited
them in De Meern in 2004, and had a fabulous time. Here is the
page on that visit
and our vacation in the Netherlands. Here
is a photo of

The two Randy Swarts

The two Randys in 2004

The Swarts

And here is the whole group

Then in 2005 Gerry and Rob came again for a great visit
that included a trip to our cabin in West Virginia.

Jerry and Rob

Here they are departing with some souvenir cheesehead headgear.

And there is another Randy Swart in Phoenix. He races
motorcycles and collects sixties compact cars.
Between us, Randy Swart from Phoenix and I found
years ago about a dozen other Randy Swarts on the
Internet or in Phone Disk. It might be fun to organize
a Randy Swart meet-up some day.

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