Our Packing List for Three Week Tandem Trips


Goal: 10 pounds each, and ten for the General stuff like bike tools, camera, etc. (Randy sometimes exceeds 10 pounds. His shoes are bigger.)

We each get one front and one rear pannier. The list includes everything including the clothes we are wearing on the plane. Tools and spares go in the bag on top of the front rack and below the handlebar bag. The handlebar bag has a shoulder strap and we take it every time we leave the bike. It has the camera, snacks, and a lot more. Friends have nicknamed it the Tardis.

Left in bike box after assembling bike

Rubber kitchen gloves
Packing tape
Filament tape
3-way hex wrench
crank puller
pedal wrench or 6" crescent wrench
2 spare tires
plastic sheet for floor of assembly area
reading materials for the flight back
small duffel bag that held helmets and such on flight


U-Lock and keys
Fruit or snacks
Cell phone
First Aid kit and dressings
Maps and guides
    Michelin Green Guide of region
    (4) IGN maps 1:100000 (1 cm = 1 km)
    1 plastic bag for receipts
    1 Michelin Red Guide - broken down with only regions needed
    For France:
    Le Guide de Cyclotouriste - Bonnes Addresses - only for regions needed
    Logis de France - only for regions needed
    Gites de France - only for regions needed
    Michelin Red Guide bookmark with translation of symbols
toilet paper (Charmin To Go, 55 sheets in a plastic case) plastic bags
plastic seat covers (shower caps)
computer rain covers
pen (2" stub of a normal ballpoint)
Metric/English/local currency conversion chart
8 oz of Ultra Tide powder
1 oz Ivory Liquid
Dog spray (ammonia in small bottle with large spray head)
Folding nylon pack
Digital camera
3 pairs rubber gloves in a 35mm film can, 1 pair plastic gloves
small scotch magic tape
nylon clothesline 9 feet
large mesh nylon drying bag
sewing kit
3 spare spokes taped to rack
Panier Bags: front and rear
4 yellow waterproof pannier covers
2 plastic kitchen trash bags to line each panier
Large handlebar bag with shoulder strap
paper towels: small roll for chain and bike cleaning
Tool bag on top of front rack with:
    2 spare tires
    2 spare tubes
    2 patch kits
    4/5/6 mm hex wrench with sawed-off 5 and 6
    3 mm hex wrench
    2 mm hex wrench
    tire iron (alloy)
    " hex wrench stub for Phil Wood hub
    chain tool
    9/10 mm combo box wrench
    crank bolt socket
    spoke wrench
    Swisstech combo pliers, screwdrivers
    small knife
    P-38 army can opener (folding, tiny)
    1 oz chain lube
    1 oz bike cleaner
    1 oz mineral spirits grease cleaner
    Super Lube sample tube
    nail polish remover pad
    3M abrasive pad
    2 inner tube strips 18" long rolled tightly
    freewheel remover
    extra bolts for stoker saddle
    nylon string
    adhesive tape
    razor blade
    WD40 sample
    spare bulb for headlight
    kevlar spoke replacement
    brass wire
    spare alloy pannier rack bolt
    chain links
    spare nuts, washers, bolts
    cable ties
    triflow teflon grease sample tube
    small plastic container of Campy white grease
    mini tire pump and hose
    spare brake and derailler cables with soldered ends


2 pairs bike shorts
Shorts Navy blue off bike
3 Short sleeve shirts
Fleece sweater
Pants & belt
Sleep shirt
Sleep shorts
1 pair bike shoes
1 pair dress/walk sandals
Bike gloves
Rain Jacket
3 pairs socks
3 pair light quick dry underpants
2 pair light bras
Hair dryer
Hair curler
1 Arc LSL pocket flashlight
1 small head lamp for hands free use
3 pairs stockings
Suntan lotion: Banana boat baby block SPF 50
Bathing suit
Sweat band
Silk gloves for bike
Plane tickets
Xeroxed copies of passport
Several waterproof zip lock bags inc. one large enough for purse
Purse with:
    $80 U.S.
    300 Francs or other local currency
    2 rubber bands
    conversion tables - miles/km, lbs/kilos, oz/grams, F/C temp
    cards - USAA, Driver's license, blood type, Visa, Health Ins, work #s, work entry passcard, Mastercard, ATM
    3 checks - US Bank
    2 Am. Express travelers' checks in US $
    2 plastic spoons
    1 REI thermometer
    1 comb
    1 small highlighter
    2 eye drops
    1 lightweight travel mirror
    1 clip on sunglasses
    car key, house key
    1 pen
    1 small record book
    1 necklace
    1 small Swiss knife & file, scissors, blade, tweesers, toothpick
    Address book
    1 travel toothbrush
    1 toothpaste .85 oz
    1 travel floss
    1 fold up hairbrush
    1 small soap
    1 light razor with 3 replacement blades
    eye makeup - liner, mascara, eye color
    Almay eye makeup remover 1.5 oz
    mega gel
    1 pocket kleenex pack
    several folded up paper towels
    (2) 1.5 oz l'Oreal Shampoo and conditioner
    4 oz shampoo (alternative to above)
    3 oz conditioner (alternative to above)
    Cetaphil hand lotion
    Hair spray


Passport, money, credit cards, etc.
18 oz: Insulin, spare pump, meter, supplies, glucose tables, glucagon kit, documentation
ARC LSL-P or brass Fire Fly II pocket flashlight + spare battery
Small Swiss army knife with ball point pen
Wallet in plastic bag
Address book in plastic bag
Glucose tablets
House, car and bike lock keys
Business cards
Shaving kit: 2 toothbrushes, toothpaste, comb, q-tips, styptic, shampoo, soap, shaving brush, shaving cream, razor & spare blade, floss, deodorant stone, talcum powder, pump shower bag.
Rain pants
Goretex jacket
Walking shoes (32 oz)
Bike shoes
Jacket and tie (19 oz)
3 short sleeve shirts 2 pairs bike shorts
3 pairs undershorts
1 pair silk briefs
1 pair long cotton pants and belt
5 pairs socks: 3 white, 2 black
Fleece zippered sweater (10 oz)
tights or leg warmers
bike gloves
glove liners: full fingers, thin fleece

Edited 1/7/06

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Last updated: January 7, 2006