Swart Families from Holland

From Johannes Swart and Some of His Descendents and Allied Families

By C. Walter England and Diane E. Swart

Swart Families in America

Immigration records reveal that there were many Swart immigrants from Europe to America during the 1600's and 1700's, namely: Gerrit Swart to New Netherlands (New York) in 1620; Jacob Swart (alias Hellakers) to New York in 1634; Jon Swart to Virginia in 1643; Jacobmyntje Jacobs Swart to New York in 1662; Tymothy Swart to Virginia in 1663; Susan Swart to Virginia in 1565; Gerard Swart to New York in 1675; Jacobus Swart to Philadelphia in 1727; Nickel Swart to Philadelphia in 1739; Michael Swart to Philadelphia in 1744; Michael Swart to Maryland in 1744; Paulus Swart to Philadelphia in 1753; and many others. Also, there were many immigrants bearing the names of Swarts and Swartz.


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