We had a great time at Becky's
on Sunday, June 8th, 1997
enjoying the Eastern Shore.

First we were going to go crabbing

But the boat had a flat tire.
Spike isn't smiling.

So we walked over to Higgins Soft Shell Crabs

That's Molly and Uncle John.

We left with some fresh crabs

John has the crabs, still wriggling!
Kens and Molly are playing leapfrog.

Then we had a feast!

L to R: Kenzie, Becky, Lori, John, Spike and Randy
Kenz has to close her eyes to eat soft shell crabs!

And then we came back!
May 7, 2000

Here are most of us on the dock of Duck Pond

Taken with John's new digital camera.

Thanks for having us, Becky!

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