Class of 1961 Reunions
James Monroe High School
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Unofficial, put together by members of the Class of 1961.

Here we go again! The postponed 60th.

July 2023

The keynote email from Pat Berry McCord for the Reunion Committee:

Our connections from our days in Fredericksburg during the"50"s and "60"s extend beyond high school. We have more in common than just what we did in school from our formative years in Fredericksburg, and we have much to share about our lives since. Our generation has been called the "silent" generation, preceding the baby boomers. We have seen so much change that we can share with each other. You are important to us. Please let us hear from you.

Even if you can't come to Fredericksburg, we want to hear from you with information that we could share at our gatherings. We hope you will be with us in person or in spirit with remarks you can share.

Pat Berry McCord
For the Reunion Committee

And it happened!

2023 Group photo

The group dinner at Renato's. From left: Blanton Massey, Klaus Kreienbuhl, Jane Woodbridge Wolff, Clinton Jones, Pat Hughes Berry McCord, Kathy Davis Burchell, Virginia Mann Torrice, Wink Thompson, Beverly Clarke Newlin, Mary Frances Snellings George, Nick Calamos, Paul Scott, Tommy Morrison, Vernell Sullivan, Myrtle Patterson Campbell, Jack Rouse, Al Magoo Rothschild, Bill Heard, Maury Wolff, Alma Fines Withers.

Jane and Maury

Jane and Maury

And some who could not be there sent photos from wherever they were:

Hope's memorabilia

Hope put together memorabilia from previous reunions.

Lynn's toast in absentia

Lynn toasted the group from Chicago.

Barbara and Randy in Arlington

Barbara and Randy sent their Christmas photo from Arlington.

And here are the comments from all, collected by Pat.

The 55th

June, 2016

2016 Group photo

From left: Alma Fines Withers, Kathy Davis Burchell, Lynn Davis (top), Tommy Morrison, Nick Calamos, Randy Rosebro
Jack Rouse, Paul Scott, Nick Lopomo, Randy Swart, Al Magoo Rothschild, Klaus Kreienbuhl, Beverly Clarke Newlin
Sandie Yeager Glick, Mary Frances Snellings George, Jane Woodbridge Wolff, Hope Howard Green, Wayne George
Valery Smith Sullivan (mostly hidden), Maury Wolff, Virginia Mann Torrice, Clinton Jones.
Not pictured: Blanton Massey

The party at Clinton and Maureen's. Click on the photo for more.

The Reunion Dinner the next evening at the Fredericksburg Country Club.

Scott's view

Our traditional brunch at Paul and Dee Scott's home on Potomac Creek on Sunday.

The biggest one - the 50th!

July, 2011

Group photo

From left: Ellen Sullivan Jarrell, Pat Hughes Berry, Nancy Garnet McPhatter (seated),
Beverley Clarke Newlin, Randy Swart, Lynn Davis, Kathy Davis Burchell, Hope Howard Green,
Clinton Jones, Maury Wolff, Alma Fines Withers, Mary Frances Snellings George, Jane Woodbridge Wolff,
Charles Herron, Wayne George, Sandra Yeager Glick, Bill Heard, Nick Calamos, Chip Limbrick,
Klaus Kreienbuhl, Vernell Sullivan, Nick Lopomo, Wink Thompson, Blanton Massey, Theresa Anderson
Swift, John Jay Pavlansky, Al Magoo Rothschild, Virginia Mann Torrice, Bob Meyers, Paul Scott,
Valerie Smith Sullivan, Randy Rosebro, Danny Elkins, Jean Truslow Nicholls, Terry Nightengale, Jack Rouse,
Joe Hooten, Bonnie Sue Wright Cooper, Phyllis Sullivan Weaver, Myrtle Patterson Campbell, Eleanor Atkins Snellings, Sharon Hudson Brennan.

Here is the original larger version of the photo.

Click on each photo for many more.

The party at Jim and Ellen Jarrell's.

The Reunion Dinner the next evening at Renato's.


Our traditional brunch at Paul and Dee Scott's home on Potomac Creek on Sunday.

Everyone congratulated the Reunion Committee.
You can reach them with an email to Clinton Jones.

Randy R has a large album of great photos up on Picassa.

A message from Bev Hall.

45th Reunion, October 2006

Click on the photos for many more.

The Party at Alma and Billy's

The Trolley Tour - Ms. Chick and Carl's

Jayem tour
The Jayem Tour

Virginia's photos
Brocks: Virginia Mann Torrice's photos

Brocks photos
Many more Brocks

Randy R has more photos up on the Web.

40th Reunion, July 28, 2001

2001 Group photo

L to R: Pat Hughes Berry, Ferris Wafle, Caryl Litman Lummis, Maury Wolff, Sandie Yeager
Glick, Paul Scott, Joe Hooten, Klaus Kreienbuhl, Danny Elkins, Clinton Jones, Jay Pavlansky,
Phyllis Sullivan Weaver, Nick Calamos, Valery Smith Sullivan, Wink Thompson, Jean Truslow
Nicholls, Virginia Mann Torrice, Wayne George, Mary Frances Snellings George, Bev Clarke Newlin,
Jane Woodbridge Wolff, Bonnie Wright Cooper, Tom "Moose" Morrison, Hope Howard Green,
Randy Swart, Nancy Garnett McPhatter, Terry Nightengale, Alma Fines Withers, Al "Magoo"
Rothschild, Randy Rosebro, Lynn Davis

More Photos from 2001

Wink's on July 27

Brock's on July 28

Paul's on July 29

Randy R has more photos up on the Web.

35th Reunion, August 3, 1996

1996 Group photo

L to R: Seated: Bev Clarke Newlin, Virginia Mann Torrice, Vernell Louise Sullivan,
Bonnie Wright Cooper, Danny Elkins, Paul Scott, Al "Magoo" Rothschild.

Standing: Phyllis Sullivan Weaver, Blanton Massey, Ellen Sullivan Price, Nick Calamos,
Sandie Yeager Glick, Valery Smith Sullivan, Jean Truslow Nicholls, Randy Swart,
Carol Whetzel Becker, Wink Thompson, Alma Fines Withers, Jack Brooks, Nancy Garnett McPhatter,
Randy Rosebro, Jack Rouse, Jackie Kain Honeycutt, Jane Woodbridge Wolff, Maury Wolff,
Pat Hughes Berry, Clinton Jones, Wayne George, Mary Frances Snellings George,
Myrtle Patterson Campbell, Nicky Lopomo, Sharon Hudson Brennan, Klaus Kreienbuhl,
Patti Loughridge, Bill Loughridge, Howard O. Sullins (JMHS Principal)

Here are the recipes for dishes that class members provided during
the various events, with many nice comments from Pat Hughes Berry.

25th Reunion, 1986

1986 Group photo

L to R: Wink Thompson, Alma Fines Withers, Kathy Davis Burchell, Wayne George,
Virginia Mann Torrice, Jane Woodbridge Wolff, Bill Loughridge, Jack Rouse,
Jean Truslow Nicholls, Maury Wolff, Pat Hughes Berry, Danny Elkins, Myrtle Patterson Campbell,
Bev Clarke Newlin, Randy Swart, Jackie Kain Honeycutt, Vernell Louise Sullivan, Clinton Jones,
Carol Ingalls Morgan, Mary Frances Snellings George, Paul Scott, Sandie Yeager Glick, Howard O.
Sullins (JMHS Principal), Bonnie Wright Cooper, Nancy Garnett McPhatter, Klaus Kreienbuhl,
Theresa Anderson Swift, Ray Carpenter, Hope Howard Green, Randy Rosebro.

Some photos from a recent archeological dig:
Fifth Grade, Lafayette Elementary

In Memoriam

Our Classmates - Memories all


Margaret Hancock Acors

Carolyn Morris Corbin Adams


Delores Foster Brooks

Jack Willard Brooks, Jr. - October 3, 2015 - Obituary


Raymond Archie Carpenter

Penny Brown Coleman

Daniel Fox Elkins - January, 1 2016

Diane Fleming Gittman


Donald Hicks


William Key Howard

Jacquelin Norvell Kain Honeycut - April 25, 2016

Carol Cole

Carol Gouldman Jones

Morris W. Jones


Elizabeth Disney Laing


Harold J. Levinson

Jean Truslow Nichols

Terry Lynn Nightengale

Mary Van Sickle Pierson

Michael Shelton


Robert Neal Smith


Patricia Ann Humphries Williams

Here are links to obituaries for:

Ms. Chick

Ms. Armstrong

If you have photos, caption corrections or memorabilia, please email them to Randy Swart

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