A message from Beverley Thomas Hall

Randy, what a great job putting together a Web-based photo album. I especially liked the idea of scolling down and seeing my former classmates getting younger! Really amusing to the see some of the old Lafayette Elementary School photos, too. Many thanks to you, Randy, and to those who took pictures.

From the pictures and the e-mails sent by some of the attendees, I see that I missed (again) a beautifully organized get-together. The JMHS Class Reunion Committee has outdone itself.

I'm really sorry my wife and I were unable to attend. I've attached a fairly recent picture of me so that you can also replace your younger image of me with a more current one. Seems only fair after I get to look at all your current mugshots.

On another, more somber, note: with the anniversary of 9-11 upon us, may I take this opportunity to assure you that Canadians are sharing in your pain and sorrow and join in honouring your heroes.

Bev (a.k.a Thomas in Canada) Hall

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This page was last revised on September 10, 2011