The Hankeys Visit Florida

Marion and Liesl Do Orlando

Our stay in Florida was a little more relaxing as there was not so much sightseeing to be done. We went to the beach a couple of times but both ended up getting sun burned! It was nice to see our family again.

It was then onto Orlando where we saw several of the tourist attractions. The first day we went to Sea World which we enjoyed the most. We saw the killer whale (Shamu) show, where everyone got soaked. We saw Polar Bears, Penguins, Seals, Sea Lions and a Walrus, Dolphins and much more besides. It was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The hotel laid on some courtesy transport and some buses had to be paid for but it was quite well organised. We stayed at the Lake Buena Vista complex. The hotel was pleasant and we were very close to several restaurants. We went for a Japanese meal where our food was cooked in front of us and Marion tried Sushi which she enjoyed. The next day we went to The Magic Kingdom, which was probably a bit of a mistake. It is more for children than adults. That evening we ate at TGI Fridays The next day, the Saturday, our last day we went to Epcot first and saw the Honey - I Shrunk the Audience show which was great, and very realistic. We had to put on 3 D glasses and everything seemed to be jumping off the stage, including what felt like real live mice running over our feet and around our legs - making us scream! We also walked around the countries and ate our lunch in "Germany". We then wizzed off to Universal Studios. Liesl queued for an hour to get on the Back to the Future ride, which lasted 5 minutes! It was quite good. We saw the Blues Brothers play a few tunes and late in the evening they had a Mardi Gras parade which was quite fan.

The trip home the next day was not too bad. We travelled from the hotel to the Airport at Orlando which was about 45 minutes, then flew to Washington DC, changed planes and then flew onto London Heathrow, arriving about an hour late, but the flight wasn't too bad. We sat in the very back row next to the restrooms!, with people up and down all the time! We arrived back in England to hear that there had been snow, which we could not believe. It was not snowing in London but was very cold to the warm Florida we had just left. We then had a two hour taxi drive home and arrived at about 10.30 am. It took about a week for our body clock to get back to normal!

We are now settled back to normality, and the weather has been quite cold but just beginning to pick up now, with a little sunshine and a bit warmer in the daytime.

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